What is intention jewellery?

Intention is often more powerful than we realise. It is echoed in our thoughts, our actions and our feelings. You alone are responsible for your thoughts, feelings and actions, but you can always act with a true and honest intention.

Life is uncertain. It is full of ups and downs. One simply needs to understand why certain things happen, and look to find the lesson intended to be learnt and strive to find balance. But life is also full of new and exciting opportunities, sometimes we just need a little pick me up to remember that.

"Where intention goes, energy flows" 

- Denise Linn

These collections are designed to uplift and inspire. They represent your basic and true connection to nature, to the earth and its elements, and above all, they serve to remind you of your intentions, not only towards others, but toward yourself.

All jewellery is 925 sterling silver unless otherwise specified, and handcrafted with love.

About Sophie

Growing up in the '80s, before the era of all things digital, I spent much of my childhood creating and was fascinated both by crystals and by making jewellery. 

A trip to Thailand in my twenties sparked an interest in silversmithing and this is where I first began the learning the craft. I continued creating when I moved to Australia, guided by a teacher of Choctaw Native American Indian tribe, whose work is largely inspired by nature and the earth. I have also studied with master silversmiths in Ubud, Bali and Dharamsala, India.

Having grown up in the British countryside, I draw similar inspiration from nature, combining this with an interest wellness and travel. I can usually be found tinkering with silver in London, Bali or Thailand.